NK StrokeCoach with Surge Rate
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Brand NK Sports
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Bumper Colour
  • View stroke rate, stroke count, elapsed time
  • Waterproof (IP67, NEMA-6).
  • Wireless
  • Auto-Start with First Stroke
  • Memory Recall
  • Backlight
  • Power by 2 CR2032 battery
  • Control unit alone floats 
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty

NK StrokeCoach with Surge Rate

Part Number: N0125


NK StrokeCoach with Surge Rate is NK’s most basic performance monitor. View stroke rate, stroke count and elapsed time with no wiring. Just snap the StrokeCoach into a compatible bracket fixed to the boat, turn it on and row.



The StrokeCoach you love, updated with 21st Century technology! The StrokeCoach with Surge Rate provides every StrokeCoach function – stroke rate, stroke count and elapsed time – with absolutely NO wiring or seat magnet required! NK’s proprietary stroke algorithm, combined with a sensitive three-axis accelerometer, gives immediate accurate stroke rating in any boat – rowing shell, dragon boat, canoe or kayak – and in any position.



The StrokeCoach Surge comes with a convenient "strap-on" mounting dock that makes short work of attaching it to your boat. Have a team boat? No problem! The StrokeCoach with Surge Rate will give you an accurate stroke rate in ANY seat in the boat! And, in response to your requests, we've added a backlight so no more flashlights during those early morning rows. Our test team of rowers and paddlers have told us loud and clear - this might be the most useful addition to the NK® line ever!



The mounting strap is highly-adjustable and designed to quickly secure the unit to a footstretcher plate, cross-brace, wing rigger, bench seat or a coxswain’s or drummer’s leg. You can also use a traditional T or A bracket with a wireless mounting dock. If you find yourself in a wired boat, the mounting dock can still be used to hold the StrokeCoach with Surge Rate, so even if your club needs to pay a little more attention to their wiring, or the seats have gotten switched around (again), you’ll be in business. We're developing additional mounting options as well to ensure we give you a solution for every kind of boat you want to row or paddle.



Download NK StrokeCoach Instruction Manual 


What's in the box

Included in Package

  • Carry Pouch

  • CR2032 Batteries (2)

  • Lanyard

  • Quick-Wrap Mounting Strap

  • Speed/StrokeCoach Protective Bumper

  • StrokeCoach